what is double sided clothing tape?

Double-sided clothing tape, is a very popular and functional bra solution accessories, also known as fashion tape or garment tape or lingerie tape, is a type of tape specifically designed to help hold clothing in place. It is usually made with a double-sided adhesive surface that enables it to bond firmly to clothing fabrics and skin or underwear. Double sided clothing tape is commonly used for:

- Deep V-necklines clothing or plunging tops to prevent visible cleavage or gaps.

- Prevents shirt collars, lapels or shoulder straps from slipping or shifting.

- Prevents bra straps from protruding from under clothing.

- Secures hems or closures that may come loose.

- Hold certain slippery fabrics or materials in place, such as silk or satin.

- Hold shoe lace in place

Double-sided clothing tape is generally skin-safe and hypoallergenic. It applies and removes easily without leaving residue or damaging fabrics. Some tapes are also adjustable. Overall, double-sided clothing tape is a convenient and discreet solution to keeping clothes safe and preventing wardrobe malfunctions.

Post time: Jun-29-2023